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Gregory Correa is MC of the local TV show "Harmonics" which airs on KCTH Comcast channel 27. Thanks to Gregory and his producers Sujoy Sakar and Gary Carter, and camera technicians Betty S. Chou, and Betty Castaño, we're able to view historic video interviews with music personalities from the 1960's, 70's and 80's.

Gregory has a long and prominent musical career himself that began in the 1960's with his rock band Morning Rain, among others. In his current band, Blue Voodoo, he continues his noteworthy entertainment career. He is also admired and respected in a number of other business endeavors he is associated with.

But Gregory's labor of love is music. And his many projects include performing with his band, and researching the historical aspect. He finds it essential to reintroduce the Bay Area's rock music history to those who lived through it including band members and fans. And to also share it with the younger generation who thirst for the knowledge of an era they hear so much about.

Currently Gregory is documenting the career of Bill Quarry, in all likelihood the premier concert and dance promoter in the East Bay during the 1960's, and 70's. In addition to Mr. Quarry, Gregory is putting together video interviews with members of bands that entertained throughout the Bay Area from the early to late 60's. You'll find the first of these videos on this page with more to follow.

Harmonics 17 Part 1

Harmonics 17 Part 2