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Written by Bruce Tahsler


Published by Bill Quarry's "Teens 'N Twenties" Publications




This book has sold throughout the U.S. and Great Britain, Germany, Italy, France, Greece, and Sweden.




Read the stories of some of the most popular, and most remembered garage bands from the East Bay during the mid-to-late 60's, including the Baytovens, Harbinger Complex, Spyders, Peter Wheat & the Breadmen, Stanley & the Fendermen, U.S. Male, and so many more! Also: Special stories on Jimmy Cicero, and Tower of Power!!


ALSO: The "Bill Quarry Story" The biography of the premier concert and dance promoter, and band manager in the East Bay! Quarry gave us the never-to-be forgotten venue "ROLLARENA" in San Leandro and some of the most stirring, and electrifying concerts in the entire Bay Area!

Also: Features from the 1950's through the 1970's on Quarry's Teens 'N Twenties shows, including rare photos, fliers, and posters from the collection of the East Bay's most popular rock 'n roll promoter! 




                                        “The kids would cruise from Pring’s at 150th Ave, south to

                                        Karl’s Drive-In about one mile away. It became  the most 

                                        popular spot in the East Bay. It was called "The Strip" and 

                                        located right in the middle of all this at 15721 East 14th

                                        Street, next to Macy’s and the Drive-In movies, was a

                                        roller skating rink called "Rollarena".


                                        -Bill Quarry (2006)




The Rollarena had developed into the premiere venue in the East Bay. Bill continued holding dances at Carpenter’s Hall on Sunday nights, gearing it to the 18 to 21 year old crowd, while Rollarena catered to the high school and up set. The Rollarena had become the largest weekly teen dance in

the East Bay. Six months after starting the Rollarena, Bill held his last dance at Carpenter’s Hall.


 -Garage Bands From The 60’s, Then and Now (2007)




Read about the clubs and venues including: Rollarena, IDES Hall, Oakland Auditorium, Spanish Hall, UAW Hall, Penthouse, Frenchy's, Carpenter's Hall, Catalina Island, Coconut Grove in Santa Cruz, Longshoreman's Hall, Oakland Coliseum,  Soul City, and so many more. And discover the history of the Chabot College "Battle of the Bands" that continues to this day!




Excerpt from book:

On February 9, 1964, a new chapter in rock music unfolded on the stage of CBS Television’s Studio 50 in midtown Manhattan when Ed Sullivan introduced America to the Beatles. A cozy studio audience of 728 witnessed the performance while an estimated 73 million people in 23,240,000 homes across the United States watched the event on TV. The influence the Beatles had on grass roots rock was unprecedented. The British Invasion had arrived and ushered in the second generation of rock and roll.

 The show changed the lives of many teenagers. Their futures had been decided, they were going to be rock and roll musicians.



Bill Quarry:


Teens 'N Twenties founder, concert

and dance promoter, and publisher

of "Garage Bands From The 60's Then

And Now"







                                                                            Bruce Tahsler - Author: "Garage Bands From

                                                                            The 60's Then And Now"







                                               Bill Quarry superimposed over the original

                                               Tower of Power horn section









    Bill Quarry with Eric Burdon                                       Quarry with the Everly Brothers 



                                             Quarry with Paul Revere and the Raiders



                                                                 Quarry with the Rascals



                                  A very famous photograph. Bill Quarry with Them during the

                                  bands first American tour. Quarry's Rollarena was the bands

                                  first stop. A young Van Morrison is second from right.




                                                               Quarry with Sonny & Cher




                                 Bill Quarry (right) and Don Ryder (left)  planning their first dance

                                 for the Hayward Area Recreation Department in 1958.




                              Bill Quarry's first "Teens 'N Twenties" dance. Held at the Moose Club

                              Hall in Castro Valley in 1959, it featured the Casuals.



                      Michael Jackson appeared at Frenchy's in 1982. This signed photo comes

                      from the Bill Quarry collection.



            Duane Eddy appeared at Carpenter's Hall in 1958 for Bill Quarry's Teens 'N Twenties



                                                                 Bill Quarry with Tiny Tim